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Conservative Jews are Becoming SJWs

After years decrying the left’s invoking identity politics to address criticism, conservative Jews are sniping at right-wingers with the “anti-semite” card. John Podhoretz is lambasting conservative Jews who have decided to support Donald Trump. Conservative Jews like Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro, and Bethany Mandel are crying “harassment” and feeding the trolls, which leads to more “harassment.”

Podhoretz: “I decide who the real Jews are”

John Podhoretz, one of many Conservative Jews, displays his double chin

Podhoretz snipes at  Joel Pollak and Mytheos Holt. In his view, “real Jews” can’t support Donald Trump because some Trump supporters sent him drawings of big-nosed yarmulke-sporting men wringing their hands.

Other conservative Jews decry mean tweets

Jonah Goldberg attacks (Catholic, but matrilineally Jewish) Milo Yiannopoulos for writing fair-minded articles about the alt-right and internet chan culture. Goldberg is one of those squishy cuckservatives at the National Review who is more concerned about side-stepping accusations of racism from the left than he is about winning elections for the right.

This is what happens when you write for people on their deathbeds, Jonah. You don’t understand the internet. You don’t understand the shit-talking that people do when they are young. It’s not socially acceptable to do much of it anymore, so it’s done anonymously on the internet, instead.

Bethany and Ben don’t understand this concept of trolling, either. By crying about “mean tweets” and acting like a victim, you only encourage further trolling. Playing the Jew card doesn’t put you above them, it puts you far to the left of them. No amount of money from the Wilks brothers is going to change that, Ben.

For some reason, these conservative Jews think calling right-wingers anti-Semites is an effective smear tactic. We have been called racist for having the absolute fucking nerve to not understand what others saw in then-Senator Obama. We have been called sexists and misogynists for acknowledging Crooked Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. Neither accusation had any substance behind it. So tell me, “real” conservative Jews: why should we take the anti-Semite accusation seriously?