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How I Realized the Libertarian Moment Requires President Trump

For most of my life I was a social conservative. I was closer to Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum than I was to someone like Ron Paul. I didn’t put a lot of thought into why I adopted those ideas. I was younger, and I accepted what I was told like a good little boy. The notion of a “libertarian moment” was never even a passing thought in my mind.

My Libertarian Moment

I always wanted limited government. Rand Paul’s drone filibuster was a watershed moment for my political worldview (understand that I never gave his dad, Ron Paul, any serious consideration before). It was, in a sense, my libertarian moment. Rand, a Republican, felt the need to speak out against military engagements abroad. As a result, I felt the need to reconsider left vs. right as not being black and white. I needed to reconsider blind party loyalty.

I started reading Reason. The whole notion of unadulterated freedom rocked my world. I read The Declaration of Independents, and wondered what the hell happened to the Democratic Party. Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy were instrumental in deregulating the airline industry, which opened up air travel to the masses. Now there is no aspect of our lives they won’t put their grubby little hands around.

“I want married gay couples to be able to defend their marijuana fields with fully automatic weapons.” A nice sentiment right? Cute bumper sticker slogan, too.

Why not end the drug wars? All it does is expand the federal government and get people thrown in jail for smoking a fucking plant.

Why not open the borders?  Let people be free to do as they like, so long as they don’t hurt others.

Why not get rid of traffic lights? Research in small neighborhoods has shown intersections are safer without them. The decision-making process is no longer automated, and drivers are, as Nassim Taleb wrote in Antifragile, forced to put their “skin in the game.”

Enter Trump

Donald Trump didn’t initially have appeal to me as a policy guy, mostly since I had no idea what he wanted to do. I warmed up to him slightly after witnessing his willingness to say what’s on his mind. The media pounced on him immediately for that.

He never said “All Mexicans are rapists.” If people aren’t intelligent enough to read between the lines, that’s on them, not Trump. If they can’t sift through the rhetoric to get the gist of his argument, that’s on them, not Trump. I still smirk when I hear “only Rosie O’Donnell” in my head.

He grew on me little by little up until the Iowa Caucuses. That said, Rand was still my top choice. When Rand dropped out, it was then a choice between Ted Cruz and Trump.

I got fed up with the trash that was “protesting” at Donald Trump’s rallies. I was pissed at the media and the cuckservatives who blamed Trump and his rhetoric for organized leftist violence in Chicago (I still want to punch Ted Cruz for that. I used to like the guy…). I voted for trump partly as a fuck you to the cucks and the shitlibs. I also voted for him because I started embracing this yet unfamiliar notion of the government putting Americans first.

Putting Americans First

Because of my desire for the libertarian moment, I wasn’t concerned about open borders. As the campaign season went on, and after reading Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America by John Red Eagle and Vox Day, that changed dramatically.

The Campaign

Look back to footage of the “protests” at Trump rallies, particularly in Chicago and San Jose. The media, being the dishonest and dishonorable people they are, blamed Trump and his supporters for the violence.

I saw leftist filth waving the flag of a foreign country. I watched these walking garbage heaps harass wheelchair-bound individuals and parents with young children leaving the rally. I watched them throw rocks at Trump supporters and block ambulances.

I realized how far gone this country is, and something needed to be done. The invaders have to be sent back to where they came from.


This book really opened my eyes to the dangers of unchecked borders, and forced me to reconsider the scope of the libertarian moment. Red Eagle and Day pointed to Pew Research polls and other data to make their point against open borders. The most important takeaway is that whites are the only racial demographic in which a minority supports bigger government, and that Hispanics (native and immigrant) have a significant majority in favor of expanding government.

After reading Cuckservative, so much of the Democratic Party’s agenda made sense. They want open borders. They want to change the demographics of our country to bring about the changes they want. Republicans are too stupid to see what’s happening, and/or they’re too afraid of being called “racist” to do anything (they shit themselves every time Obama says “shutdown,” after all).


I still believe the libertarian moment is worth pursuing, but I’m simply not naive enough to think voting for Gary Johnson is going to make it happen. I understand the libertarian distaste for law-and-order candidate Trump, but recognize that if the white majority of this country is reduced further, the U.S. will move so much further to the left, and that is a blow from which this country will likely never recover. If that day comes, say goodbye to any hope of a libertarian moment. The illegal immigrants need to be deported in order to get started on the libertarian moment.

The next time you hear someone say “We are a nation of immigrants,” tell them they’re full of shit and that you’ve had family in this country dating back to “x.” Make them acknowledge that you are an American, not an immigrant.

The next time you hear someone say “Diversity is a strength,” ask them why they’re not pushing for diversity in South Africa, Japan, or Saudi Arabia. Ask them why diversity is only considered a strength in white countries.

If immigration remains unchecked, say goodbye to any hope of limited government.

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