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What it Means to be “Uncucked,” or to “Uncuck” Oneself

Perhaps you wonder why this site is called “Unbowed, Unbent, Uncucked,” or why I want people to “uncuck” themselves.

In all likelihood, you know the phrase “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.” My version is “Unbowed, Unbent, Uncucked.”

“Unbowed” denotes a refusal to submit.

“Unbent” indicates a straightening from a previously bent state.

“Uncucked” means you must uncuck yourself.

“Uncuck, Uncucked…What Are You Talking About?”

To start, you need to know what a cuckold is. A cuckold is a man whose wife cheated on him.

A cuck, on the other hand, is an emasculated man, who often acts against his own interests.

Remember when your math teacher taught you “Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square?” Likewise, every cuckold is a cuck, but not every cuck is a cuckold (though they likely will be, if they don’t change their ways).

The uncucked man is a true man…the way he should be.

“Examples, Please?”

A cuck complains about the unjust nature of student loans because he’s tens of thousands of dollars in debt getting fine arts degrees in college.  The uncucked man in the same position shuts his mouth and opens a jar of elbow grease. He adapts, and learns skills that are actually in demand.

A cuck embraces slovenliness. He justifies his sloppy appearance by citing “body-positivity” and rejection of “conventional standards.” He claims he can be “healthy at any size.” The uncucked man recognizes that his body is a machine, and performs best when properly maintained.

A cuck supplicates and apologizes to people who want to see his life destroyed. The uncucked man recognizes the outrage mob has no power over him, laughs, and tells them to fuck off back to the “safe spaces” from which they slithered out.

A cuck begs forgiveness for his “privilege.” The uncucked man acknowledges and embraces his superiority.

Literal cuck Anthony Burch provides inspiration on how to uncuck oneself and be uncucked.
Cuckold Anthony Burch (Pic from Destructoid)

Do you demand the fruits of a better man’s labor? Uncuck yourself, improve your livelihood, and fight to keep the sweat of your own brow.

Are you content with stagnation and mediocrity? Uncuck yourself, stop settling, and strive to improve your lot in life.

Do you suck up to Western women who consider themselves “oppressed?” Do you fear the labels “racist/sexist/xenophobe et al?” Uncuck yourself, and stop wasting time on ungrateful nags and whiners.

Do you consider a mentality of perpetual victimhood to be acceptable? Uncuck yourself, and recognize that you alone are responsible for the course of your life, regardless of the circumstances.


In sum, a cuck is a low-energy loser who blames external circumstances for his shortcomings. A man, on the other hand, takes his life into his own hands, and takes the necessary measures to improve himself.


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