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Nev Schulman, abusive male feminist, tries to speak on behalf of women.

Male Feminist Allies: A History of Abuse & Misogyny

It is common knowledge that male feminists are incredibly scummy people. I want to shed more light on the “male feminist ally” after seeing this Patton Oswalt tweet a few days ago.

I consider the male feminist ally more insidious. Like the aforementioned family values politicians, they are incredibly dishonest. Male feminists are far more abusive to the people they claim to love and protect. Here are a few examples…

Nev Schulman

After Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator, male feminist Nev Schulman posted on Twitter: “Cowards make me sick. Real men show strength through patience and honor. This elevator is abuse free. #RESPECT” (this text matches with the image at the top of the post)

Despite claiming to be an ally to women, former college peers reached out to journalists to point out that Schulman is the abusive man he tries to belittle. As mentioned in the linked article, he punched a woman in the face, leaving heavy bruising and cuts, due in part to her glasses breaking. To quote one of the administrators of that college: “All I can say on the record, as the former Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, is that he was a condescending, entitled, reprehensible tool. :)”

May 7, 2018 UPDATE: Schulman has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Matt Hickey

When I see Matt Hickey, two thoughts cross my mind…

  1. Airport’s Law
  2. Cuck physiognomy

Matt Hickey is an SJW tech blogger who has bashed GamerGate supporters as sexists, and complained about attractive women (“booth babes” and dancers) at video game industry events. As you can see, he cares deeply about women.

He cares so deeply about women, he decided to stage fake porn auditions using the name of a female childhood classmate. He loves women so much that he has to catfish them into fucking him!

He speaks out on behalf of (well, sucks up to) women, and then he gets in their pants under false pretenses. Simple pattern, right?

[UPDATE 10/14/16] Thanks to William Usher of One Angry Gamer, we now know that Matt Hickey has been “formally charged on three counts of rape.”

(Dis)honorable Mention: Jian Ghomeshi

Ghomeshi first came to my attention a few months after GamerGate started, when he denounced the hashtag and the people behind it as a display of “toxic masculinity.” Not long after, numerous women stepped forward and accused the male feminist of sexual misconduct occurring over many years.

I listed him as a (dis)honorable mention because he was actually acquitted of wrongdoing. On one hand, I’m not inclined to “listen and believe” when feminists talk about serious matters on social media. On the other hand, he is a male feminist, so you know the guy isn’t quite “there.”

That said, he and his male feminist counterparts enabled outrage culture. How fitting that outrage culture ate him alive and destroyed his career.

Afterthoughts on Male Feminist Allies

I would call Bill Clinton the ultimate male feminist ally, but I found no documentation in which he considers himself a feminist.

If you only remember one thing from this article, remember this: the most ardent moral crusaders are often the biggest scumbags of all.