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Un/Convention: A Media Documentary by Mike Cernovich

Un/Convention is Mike Cernovich’s first documentary created in tandem with filmmaker Loren Feldman. Cernovich is the creator of the website Cernovich.com, and the books Gorilla Mindset and MAGA Mindset. In this twelve minute documentary, he brings attention to discrepancies in the media’s coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. He provides video evidence of media bias, a topic which I have previously covered with respect to GamerGate.

Watch Un/Convention by Mike Cernovich

What’s most interesting to me is how a lawyer and mindset author became one of the most important journalists of this election cycle, calling out Hillary Clinton’s health problems months before the media realized it couldn’t ignore her coughing fits any longer. You should follow him on Twitter (@Cernovich) and Gab (also @Cernovich). He’s not done with journalism or documentaries like Un/Convention, and these are the best ways to stay on top of his output.

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