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MAGA Mindset Explains the Rise of Trump (Mike Cernovich Book Review)

MAGA Mindset is Mike Cernovich’s newest book chronicling the rise of Trump. He is the author of Gorilla Mindset, a book with worksheets designed to help you control your emotional state. Additionally, he is the producer of Un/Convention and Silenced: Our War on Free Speech. MAGA Mindset is an explanation of the rise of Trump, and an exploration of the forces that drove Trump to the presidency.

MAGA Mindset explores the three main aspects at work (culture, the media, and the Trump/MAGA mindset), and how to apply Trump’s tactics to your life.

Now, you’re wondering why you should listen to Mike Cernovich’s take, rather than your favorite political commentator. First of all, very few of them thought Trump had any serious chance of winning to begin with. Secondly, those people are completely out of touch with white working-class “flyover country,” which is where Cernovich grew up, and where Trump’s appeal was greatest. Finally…

Cernovich saw the rise of Trump coming shortly after Trump announced his candidacy, while pollsters like Frank Luntz and statisticians like Nate Silver never seriously thought Trump could win.

MAGA Mindset explains how Cernovich saw it coming.

The Rise of Trump via Cultural Shifts

There are four major traits that drove Trump’s rise, according to Cernovich: nationalism (or Americanism, in Trump’s words), rejection of white guilt, embrace of masculinity, and anti-political correctness. Here are a few of the examples explaining Trump’s ascent.

Many Americans were happy to see a presidential candidate who wanted to put their interests first. They saw a candidate who wanted to keep and bring jobs back to the United States, rather than adhere to free trade et al. because of “muh conservative values.” The problem with that is conservatism has not been properly defined by Trump critics. After all, Ronald Reagan himself, the shining beacon of conservatism, was once labelled as not a “true conservative.”

Have you ever gone on social media, and notice how the adjective “white” is used frequently as a pejorative? Consider the fallout if someone said “Black people are trash,” while you’d be given a pass if you said “white people are trash.” Thanks to the far left, their media lapdogs, and the controlled opposition of conservatives, it is now fair game to trash white people. Even conservative pundits like David French and Kevin Williamson (both of National Review) have embraced the death of white working-class communities. Donald Trump, on the other hand, does not attack white people. In fact, he stated he wants to prioritize immigration to people who will most easily assimilate (i.e. Europeans, aka whites).

Trump is unapologetically masculine. Look at the debate footage, and see how he physically towered over everyone else on the stage. The exception was Jeb Bush. Jeb(!) had his stature, the Bush name, and over one hundred million dollars in campaign donations going for him. Trump only had to brand him as “low energy,” and he was finished. Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can’t buy you a set of balls.

Additionally, could you imagine a politician saying something like this?

“I could put a Republican into the Oval Office thanks to the SJWs.”  – Mike Cernovich

Trump recognized that PC culture is hurting the United States. The San Bernardino terrorist attacks happened in part because some were hesitant to report suspicions. They didn’t want to be accused of “profiling.” But let’s go further back than that, to the first Republican primary debate. Notice how Megyn Kelly confronts him about the mean things he said on Twitter. Remember his response as a way to handle these questions.


This section covers a variety of topics including media hoaxes, double standards, and bought-and-paid-for punditry. Cernovich aptly illustrates how the media has deteriorated from being the profession of esteemed Walter Cronkite to the current “DNC-Media Complex,” and how Trump took advantage of this to gain over $1 billion in free coverage.

“Media influences culture, but…one man can influence the media.” – Mike Cernovich

If you paid close attention to election coverage, and/or followed Cernovich on Twitter, this chapter will refresh your memory, and then take you even deeper into Trump’s media mindset.

The Trump/MAGA Mindset

The final portion of MAGA Mindset covers Donald Trump’s personal mindset, which centers around positive thinking espoused by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. His mindset enabled him to push through all the negative attacks on him and his family over the course of a year and a half long presidential campaign. Out of the ten principles Cernovich listed, some of the standouts are “think big,” “use affirmations,” and “maintain your momentum.”

“If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

Cernovich does a great job detailing Trump’s mindset tactics. For more details, read Cernovich’s book Gorilla Mindset. I also recommend picking Trump’s brain yourself. Go Full Trump by reading The Art of the Deal and Think Big (& Kick Ass).

This Book Belongs on Your Shelf

You can buy MAGA Mindset for yourself to gain a better understanding of how Trump won the Presidency with the deck stacked against him, and how to use his ideas for your own gain. If you think you know enough, then your purchase is a great way to thank Cernovich for pushing stories like Hillary Clinton’s ill health. Better yet, you can buy it for your liberal friends who still don’t seem to get it. Perhaps they can join you in becoming uncucked.

That sweet Ben Garrison cover art deserves a prominent place on your book shelf.

You can purchase MAGA Mindset from Amazon.

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