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Twitter Threads Preserved with Storify, Twitter Moments, and Archives

Storify is a website that is used to embed content from other sites (primarily social media) to make articles out of them. I primarily use it to put lengthy Twitter threads in one place for easy reference. Click here to visit my Storify page.

(MID-2018 EDIT: Storify is no longer available)

Articles can be found there, but I will also link them below in archive form, in case Storify buys into the Soylicon Valley wave of censorship. Additionally, images no longer show up if the user whose content you embed gets suspended from Twitter et al.

Bob Owens Drops Truth Bombs About Gun Violence

A History Lesson Regarding Jews and Catholics

The Charlottesville Setup

@FrameGames threads (Mix of Storify and Twitter Moments)

Frame Game Radio on Jews, White Genocide, et al.

On Google and the Diversity Manifesto

Supply and Demand Theory of the Diversity Industry

Invites Sargon of Akkad to Embrace White Identity

The Daily Stormer Ban and Free Speech

Understanding the Media

White SJWs, Diveristy Tourists, and Rhetoric

Talking White Genocide w/Normies

One more thread on the media

[UPDATE: Someone created a site to host Frame’s future threads. h/t George Barclay/@george_the_egg: framegame.org]


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