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Why I Renamed the Site

This site used to be called “Unbowed, Unbent, Uncucked.” As you can see, that has changed to “Robert J. Sterling.”

The original name was one I came up with during the 2016 elections, when people were using the insult “cuckservative” and talking about becoming “uncucked.” While contemplating a website name, I decided to incorporate that.

The name amused me, and it was an original name. It also didn’t fit the mold of the “X & Y” naming scheme so common with blogs. However, it was an immature title, and was too topical to have any lasting significance. Instead of coming up with something else, I decided to name it after me.

I’m not ready to get back to writing just yet. I have other things I need to handle and learn first. I’ve ironed out the kinks that arose from the domain migration process, but if you notice any persisting issues (e.g. contact form disappears again), do let me know.

Additionally, though I am not happy with much of my older writing, I will leave those posts up for the sake of posterity. If nothing else, they will provide a marker for how far this site will have progressed from that point in time.